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Welcome to Stop Smoking in Bromley and Lewisham !!! With myself; Maggie Bell; an experienced qualified hypnotherapist/counsellor with specialist training and vast experience in helping people to quit smoking.
If you are reading this page it is probably because you are ready to quit smoking and looking for some help and/or positive structure to the process.

Perhaps hypnosis is one of the options you have read about in terms of helping you, or someone has told you it worked for them. Maybe you had hypnotherapy for another issue in the past and your experience was a positive one, and if that is the case, you already know hypnosis works for you.
So now focus more on some of the reasons you are reading this page to help you on your way …
… do you want more money in your pocket?…yes!!!
… do you want better health?…yes!!!
… do you want to breathe and walk easily?…yes!!!
… do you want to be able to be relaxed and calm at will?…yes!!!
… do you want to be free of that smoky smell?..yes!!!

And what else do you want from STOPPING!!!


People who I have helped STOP smoking experience the above and more. So are you ready to let go of something that no longer serves you well; taking its toll on your health, your finances, your wellbeing and more. Maybe one is too much, and ex amount of packets and chain light ups are not enough.
Whatever the reason(s), if you have got this far … it sounds like the above is resonating with you somewhat. So let us explore even deeper …

… do you want to be healthy when collecting that pension that maybe you have been topping up for all these years?
… do you want to be able to be active enough to be able to keep up with your grandchildren?
… do you want to have more money to spend on your grandchildren and holidays?
… do you want to give your partner/family the gift of yourself for many years to come?
… do you want to be independent physically and mentally for as long as you can?

My experience informs me that most smokers became a smoker because in one capacity or another, someone ‘suggested’ they try a cigarette.
The good news is, if you were ‘suggestible’ to the suggestion of another, and/or others, when you became a smoker, you can channel that ‘suggestibility’ now, if in fact you are ready to stop, with hypnosis – which is what hypnotherapy to help stop you smoking is.

Approximate costs of smoking 20 cigarettes per day:

… based on 1 pkt x20 per day @ £7.00 = 1 week £49.00 x 4 week (1 month) = £196 per month x 12 months (1 year) = £2,352.00 per annum.

The 20 per day smoker will save more than the cost of the hypnosis session OF JUST £250.00 within one month.
You can call me today on 07950 906421 to book your session and STOP SMOKING in one therapeutic session.
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