My name is Maggie Bell and I am a full time Counsellor, Hypnotherapist & NLP Personal Coach in Bromley and Grove Park.   I am registered with the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR).



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BACP registered








I have many years of experience working within both the private and public sector; (25+ years NHS experience working with patients, their families and carers; in both primary and secondary care).  10 years in private practice; where I now practice in a very therapeutic setting full time (see below some images of my practice).


As you can see… I practice is in a very private, natural, secluded and confidential setting adjacent to the green chain walk; where there is wildlife, running water; a peaceful environment that will allow you to really touch base with yourself and explore with me any difficulties you are experiencing.  You can choose to have counselling with some hypnotherapy integrated into your treatment plan if you wish, or vice versa, if it is appropriate to your needs and circumstances.  Or you can engage in counselling or hypnotherapy.  Both therapies address the same issues, however, depending upon your individual symptomatic experience, I would be able to help you with choosing the right therapy for you as a unique individual.










The way I work is warm and professional, where the milieu being so peaceful with the sound of running water, the smell of nature, where there is colour and wildlife adjacent to the Green Chain Walk.  I believe, creates the perfect environment for therapy.  I believe the environment to be a very important aspect of our wellbeing, and therapy is no different.

What is Counselling:
One to one, face-to-face, counselling with a qualified counsellor can help you to discover who you really are, and give you a clearer visualisation, and strengthen all your senses to enable you to see yourself from your outside world more clearly. When we can only see ourselves from the inside looking out, we can feel emotionally entwined and maybe become entangled in negative patterns and thus feelings, which may cloud vision of your true-self and thus stop you moving forward.
In a healthy therapeutic alliance (and good client/therapist relationship), the presence of good rapport is key to a positive experience, where therapist empathy (understanding) is very important. Rapport and understanding enhance connection. When we feel understood we feel more able to connect and build trust.

I will strive to understand you, without judgement to build a healthy therapeutic alliance, that is warm and professional and, of course, ethical.
Once you are on a healthy therapeutic journey with a therapist that you feel connect to, with the above in place, you will start the process of understanding the issues as well as yourself better, so that you can pave the way, and build strategies that will enable and empower you to manage the issues and be the person you want to be; and thus achieve your optimum physically and psychologically, whilst taking control of what you can…and the pebble drops into the pond and the ripples go out. Some people spend so much time and energy trying to control what they cannot – gaining insight into what we cannot control, or do not even need to, relieves anxiety and stress.
Therapies I offer:

INTEGRATIVE COUNSELLING (Personal Centred, CBT & Psychodynamic):
… offers 3 main theoretical psychological therapies; Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, and Humanistic (person Centred), (see below more); which allows a very flexible approach, which also allows for working within any one of these approaches depending upon what you are looking for in terms of psychological support.

… in summary focusses on you feeling understood (empathy) in a warm and professional environment (where trust can build) where you will not feel judged. This is a very important aspect of any therapy and needs to be right for healthy growth; just like a see planted in the right kind of soil to grow strong healthy roots.

… in summary establishes the symptoms and learning the negative patterns that will be repeating. To be honest most people have already started to identify negative patterns when looking for professional therapy, however, with trained professional experienced therapist (acting as your outside world in therapy), reflecting back to you a bigger picture where the therapist is not emotionally held back within the process, you can then start to visualise your bigger picture and make it tangible, and access it to consciously make changes. This therapy has the option of working in the session and then, if you want, having work to apply to outside of the session. This can provide a paper trail where you can then see your progress within a therapeutic approach, however. this may not be something you would want to engage in, for one reason or another, and so if that is the case; we work with the way that is best for you where I will tailor the work to your individual needs as a person and the natural strengths you hold.

… in summary focusses on looking at your past, maybe as far back as childhood, or maybe not so far back, but certainly looking back at what might be affecting the here and now, as part of the problems, and thus relevant to the issues being experienced. Experiences over time can become distorted, misunderstood, and /or your recall is very accurate. Either way distorted and misunderstandings can be explored as well as negative experiences that you accurately remember can be worked through in a safe environment with a satisfactory outcome.

As, already communicated, the above therapies are a summary only; of an combined integrative approach, and one may feel more prominent individually at certain times in the process – however, you will not overall notice the integration as that is my work, albeit I feel it is important for you to understand the process in order to be able to make an informed choice or decision as to whether you feel this would be helpful. What you will notice is a very flexible approach where you will start to feel autonomous over the symptoms and thus take control of them and other areas of your life.

…. you may be interested to know I am also a fully qualified Hypnotherapist registered with the GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register). Hypnotherapy can be very effective where appropriate for relaxation purposes, and helping with issues such as anxiety and other issues that have a psychological component. My hypnotherapy skills, underpinned with (CBT) Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and/or NLP Neuro-linguistic Programming, I feel allows me to work even more flexibly where you as a client have the option at any stage of experiencing deep relaxation to help achieve your personal goals where appropriate and if you so do desire. There is more information about my hypnotherapy service on the following link:
Counselling, CBT & Coaching for students:
I work with students in training offering a Counselling/NLP/CBT approach. I am able to integrate Coaching as well as CBT into your Counselling sessions, to enable you to get to know yourself better in terms of your strengths, where you are now, and where you want to be. In more recent times it seems that students are at all different levels in terms of their academic and personal progress within an individual therapeutic journey of getting to know the true self better, learn new skills, natural resources, develop coping techniques, and overall obtain the a well formed overall goal. In my professional and personal experience the journey can feel long and drawn out for some students, where there maybe struggles personally and academically, however, this can be a time to embrace new opportunities that are open to you, to resolve and learn to manage both personal difficulties and reach your full potential.

… works with your unconscious/subconscious mind, and is excellent for incorporating where you want to build your self esteem, or confidence, or as already mentioned just to experience some relaxation techniques – there is a free CD on offer where appropriate. You can find more information about hypnotherapy on my hypnotherapy profile page on the following link:
NLP (Personal Coaching):
As mentioned, I am also an NLP Practitioner. I feel my life coaching expertise allows for a broader approach in that once the issues are identified, life coaching can be very useful in building your motivation to move forward; ie channelling any negative into positive and building you to be the person you feel you want to be.

… can help individuals in a relationship to see themselves more clearly and how their individual past experiences, and other external factors, impact on their relationship. Relationship therapy can also help both individuals see the relationship as a whole, from the ‘outside’ looking in, rather than just staying caught up in the emotional turmoil, and therefore only able to see the relationship from the ‘inside’ looking out, and feeling weighed down in the current viscous cycle further complicated by past individual negative experiences and misunderstandings and external factors. Couple counselling is different from 1:1 therapy in that the therapy focusses on the relationship and only the parts of each individual that effect this (either positive or negatively)


Anger is a natural emotion. Anger is not the problem usually; rather the actions we take when we feel angry. Anger can be displaced into relationships that we care about; ie where we project our anger onto a person, or people, that are close to us. When this happens it means that anger is effecting your relationships; especially the relationship you have with yourself. You can find more information about Anger on the following link: 

General Anxiety:
Anxiety may appear in the form of many different presentations. It can feel symptomatic of other more serious conditions and exacerbates the symptoms. In my experience anxiety can feel very scary. This is a field that I have come to know more about due to it being so common today. You can find more information about General Anxiety on the following link:

Panic Anxiety:
Panic attacks can start for many different reasons. The good news is that they can be managed and with time controlled. You can find more information about Panic Anxiety on the following link:          

Phobia Anxiety:
Phobia anxiety in my experience is usually the result of something that is totally unrelated to the phobia itself. However, every phobia is different as is every individual. You can find more information about Phobia Anxiety on the following link:

Social Anxiety:
Crowds, relationships, performance, work, and areas can all be a struggle when a person is experiencing symptoms of social anxiety. It can hold a person back. Working through what your personal difficulties are with regards to social and relationship anxiety can help you to gain insight and tackle the symptoms and thus move forward.

Bereavement Counselling:
I specialist in bereavement counselling and continue to work with people who are experiencing the grieving process, as well as people who are endeavouring to come to terms with any huge life changing event.

Bereavement Counselling can help you to learn where you are in the bereavement process and work through it. The bereavement process is connected to all kinds of loss; loss of person or person/s through death, the loss of a job, or a relationship, or even your confidence as you once knew it to be positive.

Birthing and maternity:
I am a specialist trained Easi-birthing practitioner.


Confidence Building:
At times we can all feel like our confidence has been impacted. You may be someone who lacks confidence generally, or you may have had a incident, or a relationship, that is effecting your confidence levels. Where a person feels they have been reducing in confidence; equally it can be built up positively again, or grown if it never existed in the first place. When you focus on yourself the only way to go is from strength to strength.

We can all experience low mood at some time or other. Exploring what is the underlying cause can really empower you to take control of your mood. Once you understand just feeling empowered can impact in a positive way on you mood. However, the symptoms of Depression or low mood can be a chemical imbalance which may require medication. A therapeutic arrangement in place is a start.

Eating Disorder:
An Eating Disorder can develop very slowly with our closest loved ones not realising there is a problem; including the person with the disorder. An Eating Disorder can be a major problem and very noticeable or it can be hardly noticeable and less major. The relationship you have with food is the same as any relationship and sometimes requires a little focus on the relationship to review it or take action and get help with accessing a specialist service.

Fertile Body Practitioner:
I am a Fertile Body Practitioner and therefore specialise in fertility issues using the Fertile Body Method. The Fertile Body Method (FBM) is structured and focuses on six stages.


Stress Management:

Weight Hypnoband: I specialise in weight control and I am a Hypno-Band Weight Loss System Licensed Practitioner. The Hypnoband is a specialised 4/5 stage process of working under hypnosis, underpinned with CBT. I am a licensed practitioner.


Stop Smoking:
I specialise in STOP SMOKING IN ONE-TWO HOUR SESSION. 95% success rate.
You can find more information about STOPPING SMOKING in one session on the following link:

Weight Control & Healthy Eating:
Weight Control & Healthy Eating, using hypnotherapy, CBT, and NLP, with a focus on the underlying issues in addition to the symptoms, and moving forward to the person you want to be, and take control of the compounding issues that may be forming, or have been forming for quite a time.

My background:
I have a history of many years working in the NHS; ie the community healthcare sector, inpatient mental health services, GP surgeries, and hospital care… this vast experience has allowed me to help and support people experiencing addictions, anger, general anxiety GAD, Panic Anxiety, Phobia Anxiety, Social and Relationship Anxiety, Bereavement, Confidence issues, depression, eating disorders, fertility, weight issues, and other issues alike.

I have successful experience working with couples that are experiencing difficulties.
For a period of time I worked briefly in education, as an addition to the above, working with primary school children aged between 5 and 11 years. As well as working with this particular age group in the educational milieu, I developed a greater awareness and understanding of the huge demands and stresses that are placed on both the education professionals that support the students, as well as the students themselves and their families, and I continue to work with education professionals in private practice, however, the range of people I work with seem to be growing more and more.

In summary about me:
* I am a qualified experienced integrative Counsellor which means I combine more than one therapy. The therapies I offer are flexible and overlapping and allow me to accommodate specifically the individual and tailor the therapy to the person as well as the symptoms.

* I am a qualified, experienced, hypnotherapist.

* I specialise in bereavement and loss counselling.

* I specialise in couples and relationship counselling.

* I am a specialist fertility practitioner.

* I am a specialist Easi-birthing Practitioner.

* I am a specialist in STOPPING SMOKING with a 96% success rate.

* I am a licensed practitioner for the Hypnoband & healthy weight loss and control.

* I am a qualified NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Practitioner for Life Coaching.
Counselling/psychotherapy relates mostly to your conscious mind.

Hypnotherapy relates more to your unconscious/subconscious mind.
NLP relates to your personal blue print of the world and the changes you can make to enhance your world.
Some people prefer counselling/psychotherapy (talk therapy) and others like the flexibility of adding in some hypnotherapy even for just relaxation, as hypnotherapy is very relaxing and can teach a person’s body just how to relax as the body has a memory. Ultimately I will help you to choose the pathway relevant to your needs as an individual.

Personal therapeutic mission statement:
I believe the journey of therapy can very much benefit from an therapeutic environment where your natural senses will be heightened, giving opportunity for liberating inner emotions within a safe space where you will feel held and supported and thus become more clearly connected (aware) of the current issues and their roots, and the options that are available, and with help identify the changes that can bring more balance to your life. My Practice is therapeutic in its own right; ie in addition to the above has a log burner and other therapeutic extras I feel are an extra to the service I offer. Both the internal area and surrounding grounds are therapeutic, peaceful and calming – see more pictures and images below.

I work with issues like anxiety (generalised and social, and phobic), depression, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, panic attacks, stress management issues, weight control, self-esteem issues, confidence issues, bereavement & loss, relationships, fertility, ego strengthening & personal coaching… and much more…

I feel the the therapeutic setting, illustrated below,  is an extra, to the service I offer.  Please do call me if you have any questions on 07950 906421 and I will be glad to speak with you.


My experience:IMG_0069
NHS Patient Advocate

NHS Mental health services
Private long term, and short term, therapy
Short term GP surgery counselling
Private long term & short term bereavement counselling
Bromley Behavioural Unit (primary schools)





My qualifications and training:

Further qualifications and training:

NLP Personal Coach
Bereavement Specialist
Working with Common Tensions in Relationships
Fertile Body Method Practitioner Specialist
Healthy Weight Control with Hypnotherapy Specialist
Hypno-Band Weight Loss System Licensed Practitioner Specialist
Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy Specialist

I am a very experienced, thoughtful and empathic, genuinely caring fully qualified Counsellor and Hypnotherapist and NLP Coach.
I have up-to-date enhanced CRB clearance.
I maintain continued professional development training in Counselling & Hypnotherapy.
I have full professional indemnity insurance.
I undergo regular monthly professional supervision as stipulated by my governing bodies.

I am about a 15 minute walk away from Grove Park Station and Grove Park Bus Garage when cutting through Chinbrook Meadows.  The buses are the 126, 261, 136 and there are more buses that come from other areas to both Grove Park and Bromley North & Bromley South which are also close by.  There is a cab office at Bromley North, Bromley South and Grove Park.  Grove Park is closest.